Update regarding testing 25/3/2020


The WHO and subsequently Dept of Health have changed their criteria for testing for COVID 19.   There is also a significant back log of tests requiring a focus on priority groups for testing.

Their advice now is that ANYONE with respiratory symptoms should self isolate for 14 days of which at least the last 5 days should have been without fever.  Household contacts should also restrict their movements for 14 days after their household contact went into self isolation.


Only those with certain symptoms AND in certain risk groups will now be tested.  There is no testing for asymptomatic people

Here is a link to the copy of the algorithim which outlines the symptoms and risk groups https://bit.ly/2JjFmrz

Anyone who has been referred up until this point but has not had an appointment confirmed WILL NOT BE TESTED.   The emphasis now is on self isolation for ALL with symptoms.

If you fit the criteria as outlined in the flowchart then unfortunately you will have to contact the surgery again to go over your situation with a doctor as per the HSE instructions. If your symptoms are milder and you do not fit the criteria then please continue to self isolate and follow the advice here https://bit.ly/2QExVQ3

We will be stopping the COVID 19 questionnaire via online submission and this will no longer get sent to the practice. Please do not fill it in – we have removed the link. We have set up an email for queries regarding COVID19 and we will monitor this email address over the coming days and will reply when we can.
The email address is covid19@thepalmssurgery.com.

Please be aware this is an administration email only and responses may be delayed due to the high volume of calls and emails. If you are unwell  and wish to talk to a doctor you need to call the practice and arrange a telephone appointment. Please be patient with us as we are getting overwhelmed with phone calls (over 7,000 calls logged on certain days) and are working as hard as we can to advise people in this constantly changing situation.  Thank you for your understanding.