This form allows you to submit information if you have been a close contact of someone with COVID 19 AND HAVE NO SYMPTOMS. You will normally have received a text message from public health or from the person themselves advising you are a close contact. Click here for further details about close and casual contacts

It is for patients of the Palms GP Surgery only. Unfortunately we do not have capacity to deal with other queries from people outside our surgery at present.

If you have symptoms do not use this form. Contact the surgery by phoning on 053 9421336 or out of hours contact Caredoc on 0818 300 365

This is not for urgent clinical queries.

While awaiting advice you must follow advice of HSE regarding self isolation or restricted movements here

This form is only for contacts of those with confirmed COVID 19 infections. If you are not a contact of someone with confirmed COVID-19 infection please contact the surgery by phone on 053 9421336 to get advice on your concern
This form is only for people with NO symptoms who are contacts of a confirmed COVID 19 case. If you have any symptoms please contact the surgery on 053 9421336 for advice or email
Please enter date of last contact you had with the person with COVID 19 infection. If they are living with you please enter today's date